The Importance of an Annual Electrician Inspection


Why It’s Important

45Have you ever heard of the saying, better safe than sorry? That’s the case here! If you’ve ever had a wiring problem or anything similar in the past you know how pricy these emergency electrician visits can get. Together we can all cut the costs of these emergency visits by having annual inspections to make sure your house is up and running as safe as possible.

Choosing the Right Electrician

You want to choose an electrician you can trust. As you know they will be inspecting throughout your whole house. The last feeling you want to have is the sense of questioning a complete stranger. You will want to choose a company who conducts complete background checks on their electricians as well as a proper training in clean workmanship. Having these three checked off will assure trust in bringing a professional electrician into your home.

We hope that this gives you a better understanding of why having an electrician inspect your home is mandatory on an annual basis. Get your annual visit today!

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3 Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Home


  1. Audit: Do you feel like your home’s energy efficiency is waning, but are you uncertain as to how? Get an efficiency audit to help you target the holes in your home’s energy use.
  2. Insulation: The insulation in your walls not only protects your home from external temperature effects, but also ensures the cool or warm air inside your home stay put. Make sure you properly insulate your walls to improve energy efficiency.
  3. Electrical Upgrade: Your electrical wiring may, in fact, be the elemet decreasing your home’s energy efficiency. Upgrade your home’s electrical work to conserve energy.

Would you like to upgrade your home’s electrical wiring? Madison Electric offers the services of fabulous electricians, to help you upgrade your home’s energy efficiency quickly.


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Three Moments In Los Angeles History


1. 1781

This was the year people first settled in the area, which was originally named El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles dePorciuncula.

2. 1841

In the first official census of Los Angeles, the population was listed as 141.

3. 1870-1900

Between 1870 and 1900 the population skyrocketed from 5,000 to over 100,000 due to the work of a few men who actively promoted the city and built it up to rival San Francisco to the north.

Los Angeles has built itself into one of the biggest cities in the country – and it’s still growing. If you’re building in the Los Angeles area and need electric work, contact Madison Electric at today.


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Electrical Safety Tips for the Home


  1. Watch the breaker –If you breaker is tripping immediately after resetting it, that means there is an electrical problem in your home. Investigate the corresponding area of your home and diagnose the problem.
  2. Touch your outlets – After unplugging your appliances touch your outlet’s faceplate. A warm faceplate means that you may be overloading your outlet. Assess how many electronics you’re plugging into that outlet and make changes.
  3. Grab the tape – If you have any extension cords with exposed wires, make sure you use electrical tape and wrap it up. Exposed wires can cause harm to people who touch it, or damage the cord itself.

Need to repair your electrical system? Contact

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Importance of Preventive Electrical Maintenance


Ever residential, commercial, and industrial building should have regularly scheduled electrical maintenance checks to ensure that everything is working properly and so that you can save greater future costs.

All lighting systems, outlets, switches, and breakers should be checked on at least a once a year basis. The amount of maintenance checks should per year should be determined on the overall condition and age of the building.

Outdoor electrical systems are just as important to check, such as landscape lighting and swimming pool or Jacuzzi electrics.

If you are looking for an efficient team of electrical experts in the Los Angeles area please visit

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